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12:27 p.m. - 2008-08-19
weight and cleaning
Okay arm is getting better, weight has dropped below 21 stone and seems to be staying there! I am hoping to lose a stone before Yule (which would still have me heavier than I would like at that time but it would be better).

OH should be back at work soon - so that should ease things a little bit - also means I will be back on light soups or jkt potatoes for lunch (healthy and low fat/cal as well!)

Next week I need to clean and clean and clean! so that should help me tone up a bit LOL. Jo is coming to stay and so the bathroom, kitchen and lounge need to be cleared up so there is space for her to put her stuff down/away. So next job is to write myself a HUGE cleaning list broken down into bits I can do (being on crutches it does mean I cannot do much at all so what I can do has to be in 5 min blocks, but if I can do blocks of 5 mins then go for a quick break for lunch then I should be fine)

1:26 p.m. - 2008-08-11
Can I fox my mind?
Hmm seem to be hovering around the 21 stone mark at the moment (dip below for a couple of days - then back over for a couple, then - well you get the picture!)

It is at times like this that I think about changing to just using pounds to track (a la Americans), or maybe kilos (a la Continent and Australia!)

So today I weighed in at

21 stone and half a pound OR
294.5 pounds OR
133.6 kg

Hmm which looks and sounds the best - which gives me the best chance to break another barrier? Answers on a postcard to ...............:-)

1:46 p.m. - 2008-08-04
August and life is grim
First update of a new month and not a lot has changed, I am still a lard arse (I think I have shifted all of about a pound! In 4 months I have lost 4 pounds - yippee :-( ), still not being able to afford food for the next few months should help with this one.



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