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12:26 p.m. - 2008-07-21
why do I sabotage myself?
Okay the new me starts again here! The holiday is now well and truly over, back to tracking food and drink (and exercise!), time to get organised in all areas of my life - I think the weight is just a symptom of bigger problems (okay not being able to walk is a major one!) - it seems though every time I am getting there something/someone knocks me back! Yoga and a positive attitude is needed I think, also I tend to find that a messy house/room is indicative of how I am feeling and at the moment ..........!!!!

So plans for the coming week - clear the sofa and the coffee table, sort out magazines and lose a minimum of a pound in weight. My goal at the moment is to get back below 21 stone - this morning I weighed in at 21 4.5 so 5 weeks should do it!

1:41 p.m. - 2008-07-20
and so I'm back ............
Not quite from Outer Space but from a very soggy Wales! After loads of restaurant meals, pub meals and beers I only put on 2.5 pounds (and that I should be able to shift quickly), money wise was okay as well (although I need to check my bank account and quickly!), the bicep is recovering (woot!) but I still daren't stitch - although typing is a little easier.

Just playing catch up and re-booting my groups!

11:14 a.m. - 2008-07-08
Time to fight
A day later than I would like but here none the less! (and next week's will be done either Friday or Saturday of this week!!)

Weight - fairly static, still hovering at around 21-4 (298lbs or 135.2kg), the arm is still very painful and belt tightening has started! Time to start looking for lots of low fat, low kcal store cupboard pulse dishes!

Having spoken to an advisor - now is the time for Dr Dragon to start fighting back and so we plan on doing so - they are not going to starve him back to work and make him ill again.

Next week we are away (and no-one is going to stop us) - if I can hold steady that would be good - counting will start again when the fight starts.



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