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9:13 a.m. - 2008-04-28
May you live in interesting times
Hmm it's been interesting over the past few days, I have been having to take pain killers again and so in the last 3 days I have piled on 5 pounds in weight Cry, the worst is I am seeing the nurse tomorrow and I just KNOW the first question is going to be about my weight *sigh*.

Still it all starts again here so I am going to start logging my food and exercise again and coming clean on here about my measurements (another way of logging stuff - if I am losing inches if not weight then that is something!)

Height - 5' 6.5"

Weight - 303 pounds *sob*

Bust - 48.5" (wowzers!)

Waist - 42" (sheesh - used to be half this!)

Hips - 56.5" (eeep!! this HAS to come down!)

BMI - 48.2 (aaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

On top of this my blood pressure is up so I really need to take myself in hand

10:19 a.m. - 2008-04-14
Hmm should I stay or should I go?
Three pounds back on this week - however Mark and I were out all day on Saturday (Mark needed to seriously unwind!), and yesterday we managed to demolish most of a loaf of bread!

Add to this pain killers and I am not that unhappy about this. Mind you I do now need to get back on track! especially as in a couple of weeks we are going out for a Chinese Meal!

11:59 a.m. - 2008-04-07
Miserable Monday
Hmm - no money, weight still up and a pain racked Sunday, this is not a good place to be in - so today I aim to try and get a few bits done around the house and work out a plan of campaign to solve the other bits (mind you the money is due to the fact that I have a few bills going out at the beginning of the month - so that is not an on-going problem), the weight is still up partly because of the pain - so I need to sort the latter out before I can really tackle the former and that will not be easy - especially as being over weight increases the pain!



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