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11:42 a.m. - 2008-03-05
A bit late and a lot miffed!
Okay a couple of days late but I was miffed. Another week of pain killers and any good work diet wise is straight back out of the window - I am beginning to wonder if it is all worth it!

Never the less - I shall keep fighting on (and this weekend will be fun with my birthday coming up!) - more Oriental and less British food coming my way I think! It fits my Ayurvedic plan AND is tasty - sounds like a win win to me!

11:03 a.m. - 2008-02-25
slow but sure wins the race
Okay - not a bad week last week all things considered! Mark was off for three days (yippee!) but this did mean more than one meal at the pub! Along with this we had a friend down to stay and so more eating out! So all things considered being down half a pound (bang on 21 stone!) is good news :-)

10:45 a.m. - 2008-02-18
A better week
Okay - I started really tracking Ayurvedically (still not sure if that is the right word :-) ) and even allowing for medication this last week I lost 1.5 pounds! Granted this is not a huge amount in the grand scheme of things (and another pound would have had me back under 21 stone) but it is a loss!

We have a friend hopefully coming to stay this coming weekend (weather permitting!) and this could cause problems as she tends to be a meat and two veg eating type of girl and this is not really fitting in with my diet plan - I will just have to see how it goes (and I really want to see her as we haven't met in months!)

Also - I am supposed to be going to London to meet another friend in about three weeks time - Mark will not be able to make this trip and I am a bit worried about taxi's etc in London on my own - but hey I will manage! Seeing as how we both like the same type of food (Oriental) I shouldn't have a problem working out something to eat then!

Now Mark is off three days this week (yay!), we are supposed to be having dental appointments (yah boo suck!) but they are doing building work and I may not be able to get into the building!! Which means I would have to stay home in the warmth (it was so frosty this morning it looked as if it had snowed!)

10:37 a.m. - 2008-02-11
Why don't I stick to what worked!
Okay whilst taking the tablets I got up to 21-5 (pause for screaming and virtual running around the room), since I came off the tablets again 2 days ago I have lost 3 of these pounds (another pause for virtual Snoopy happy dancing!)

I have made a decision to get back to eating Ayurvedically as when I did last time I was losing weight and got down to 17 stone 8 pounds :-)

Watch this space - I will stick to it this time! (mind you the pub will be hard LOL)

10:08 a.m. - 2008-02-05
Another depressing start to a month
Mutter, more tablets, mutter - the downside of the tablets is that I put weight on, this is a known and given, the other down side is that this then increases the weight on my shattered ankle which then increases the pain which means I need pain killers, which then ....... well you get the picture I hope!

I weighed in yesterday and was too miserable to post (I had fought so long to get below 21 stone or 133.3 kg and here I am right back there after 24 flipping hours!)

But today I am picking myself up - getting my stitching back out, walking to the Post Office followed by the pub for lunch (hopefully the bread is safe for me with my nut allergy and I can have a tasty sandwich!), then back here to listen to Kathy Reichs on Audible whilst stitching! Seems like a plan so far LOL



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